ActivityElizabeth Raybould (1926-2015), OBE FRCN, nurse educator.

Raybould was born on 18 June 1926 in Walsall, West Midlands. She worked as a post office clerk and volunteered with Air Raid Precautions during the second world war.

Raybould began her nursing career in London in 1945. She undertook her basic nurse training at the Central Middlesex Hospital, London where she qualified in 1948 and became ward sister in a male gastroenterology ward. She held various posts at clinical level in England. These included sister at the Royal Bucks in Aylesbury and tutor at Stoke Mandeville.
Raybould spent a year in Canada holding the position of head nurse at the Montreal General Hospital before embarking on her career as a nurse educator. In 1958 she obtained the Sister Tutor Diploma of the University of London following a two year course at the Royal College of Nursing. Raybould then became a tutor for three years in the School of Nursing of the United Sheffield Hospitals before taking up an appointment in the School of Nursing of Charing Cross Hospital London. She spent nine years at Charing Cross, first as a tutor and then made rapid progress through the structure and from 1966 to 1972 she was Principal of the School during a period of big changes and development which she led and managed.

While at Charing Cross she wrote books with Eve Bendall and improved the hospital library. Her next job was principal in South Belfast and she lectured at Queen's University, Londonderry and Dublin. She became director of nurse education, at Greenwich and Bexley, an area school of nursing. Further career developments included membership of General Nursing Council (GNC) and work as GNC Registrar; involvement in producing the Briggs Report; scholarship to New Zealand and Australia and membership of the Journal of Advanced Nursing editorial board.

In 1969 Raybould was elected member of the Council of the Royal College of Nursing and then became Vice-Chairman of the Royal College of Nursing’s International Committee and previously she was a Chairman of the College’s Association of Nursing Education.

In 1972 she was appointed to the newly created post of Principal Administrative Education officer (the first person to hold this title) of the Belfast Southern Group School of Nursing and in that capacity played a key role in the establishment of an educational structure separate from, but closely linked to the service structure. The post meant she was directly accountable to the Northern Ireland Council for Nurses and Midwives.

In 1975 Raybould returned to England to take up the post of Area Director of Nurse Education within the Greenwich and Bexley Area Health Authority. She retired in 1983 from nursing and nurse education after 25 years.

In 1977 Raybould was awarded a National Florence Nightingale Memorial Committee Scholarship.
In 1978 Raybould was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing, FRCN.
Raybould was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1984

Raybould died on 3 May 2015, her funeral was at Milford-on-Sea.
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