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TitleInterview with Lisbeth Hockey
DescriptionOral history interview. Talking about nursing research. Four D60 cassettes were used over potentially 5 visits: Tape 1, side A was recorded on 27th July 2000; Tape 1, side B is the second side recorded on 4th October 2000; Tape 2, side A is the first side recorded on 4th October 2000; Tape 2, side B was recorded on 25th October 2000 and 15th November 2000. Tape 3: there are no dates written on the cassette, but the associated paperwork and recordings indicate 25 May 2001 and 14 January 2002.
The sound quality on the recordings is very poor. The microphone may have been placed too close to the subject or the recording volume set too high causing feedback. Tape 3 is the worst affected.
Please note that Tape 4 is not part of the oral history - this is a recording of the 'Thanksgiving Service for the Life & Contributions of Dr Lisbeth Hockey OBE', recorded on 21st June 2004 at Davidson Mains Parish Church, Edinburgh.
Copyright form signed? No (two forms signed for earlier interviews, 1988 and 1996 - requests anonymity in 1996 - see T/26 paperwork)
Transcript (24 pages, double-sided; note says not a true transcript, some paraphrases and summaries and some mistakes by transcriber)

Hockey (Hochsinger), Lisbeth (1918-2004). Early life in Austria; trained in Watford; fever nursing in the Blitz, midwifery training and then district nursing and health visiting. Researcher at the Queen's Nursing Institute. Did national survey of District Nursing in early 1960s then worked in nursing reasearch unit at Edinburgh. Became Director of the Unit. Nursing author. In this interview Hockey talks about her career in nursing research, attributing her early interest to the culture she grew up in which encouraged asking questions. This was discouraged when she was a young nurse but she persisted in believing that without questions answers cannot be found and that learning is a lifelong activity. Met with a group of likeminded nurses and they encouraged each other in their research interests. As a tutor at the Queen's Institute of District Nursing she tried to rationalise and improve training for district nurses. A training survey she did launched her research career. Able to set up a research department within the Institute and continued in this field throughout the 1950s and onwards. Discusses: the pros and cons of nursing research; difficulties in following up research and the process in a nursing context; mentorship. Set up summer schools during the 1960s for public health nurses from UK and North America; continued after her move to Edinburgh in 1971 to set up and lead the nursing research unit. Describes in detail her work doing this; difficulties in devising a coherent long-term research programme; support within the profession and government. Thoughts on the nature of nursing, whether a science or an art, and how the division between the two concepts has bedevilled nursing as a profession. Discusses qualitative and quantitative research approaches and nature of nursing research. Retired in 1982.
Extent180 minutes [Track 1: ; Track 2: ; Track 3: ; Track 4: ; Track 5: & Track 6: ]
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DS/UK/25767Hockey; Lisbeth (1918-2004); nurse professor1918-2004
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