TitleRCN Printed Collections: Steinberg Collection of Nursing Research
DescriptionThe Steinberg Collection of Nursing Research, held at the Royal College of Nursing, comprises UK doctoral theses, written by nurses or about nursing.
The Steinberg Collection is a comprehensive central reference collection of British nursing theses at doctoral level, providing scholars with a rich resource of primary research. The collection was set up in 1974, with money donated by Jack Steinberg, founder of the Jack Steinberg Charitable Trust.
A number of the theses in the collection have since been published as textbooks and as part of the RCN Research series and Study of Nursing Care series, although these are often shortened and so the Steinberg Collection allows scholars to have access to the primary research sources.
Subjects with substantial coverage within the collection include clinical practice; nursing education; nursing older people; children and young people's nursing; adult nursing; mental health nursing; learning disability nursing; cancer nursing; diabetes; critical care nursing; community nursing; palliative care; maternity nursing.
Published nursing authors and nursing leaders with original research in the collection include Dr. Mooi Standing; Dr. Jane Brooks; Professor Kim Manley; Susan M. Hinchliff; Dr. Verena Tschudin; Professor Ian Peate; Dr. Sheila Collins; Professor Philip J. Barker; Dame June Clark; Professor Kader Parahoo; Dr. Peter Carter; Professor Alison Kitson; Philip Burnard; Monica Baly; Justus Akinsanya; Desmond Cormack; Margaret E. Ogier; Dr. Lisbeth Hockey; Professor Alison Tierney; Jennifer Boore; Nancy Roper; Dr. Winifred E. Hector; Professor Annie T. Altschul; Eve Bendall.
The majority of these theses are available in physical format only, more recent nursing doctoral theses are published digitally and the most are available via the British Library.
Extent1253 volumes
Access StatusOpen
AccessConditionsThis collection is available for research. Readers are advised to contact the RCN Library & Heritage Centre in advance of their first visit.

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DS/UK/25767Hockey; Lisbeth (1918-2004); nurse professor1918-2004
DS/UK/25783Akinsanya; Justus Akinbayo (1936-2005); nurse professor1936-2005
DS/UK/25848Tierney; Alison Joan (fl 1976-fl 2018); nurse professorfl 1976-fl 2018
DS/UK/25696aBaly; Monica Eileen (1914-1998); nurse1914-1998
DS/UK/25773Altschul; Annie Therese (1919-2001); nurse professor1919-2001
DS/UK/25755Hector; Winifred Emily (1909-2002); nurse1909-2002
DS/UK/25800Clark; Dame; Margaret June (1941-fl 2018); nurse professor1941-fl 2018
DS/UK/25764Collins; Sheila Margaret (1921-2009); nurse educator1921-2009
DS/UK/25852Barker; Philip (1946-fl 2018); nurse professor1946-fl 2018
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