NameRome; Edith Sherriff MacGregor (1870-1938); nurse
ActivityEdith Rome (1870-1938)

Rome was born in Scotland, but attended the Westminster Hospital in London for her training 1894-1898. Sheriff MacGregor had been an Assistant Matron at Warneford Hospital, Leamington; Home Sister at the Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea and then a Matron at Paddington Green Children's Hospital by the time war broke out in 1914. During World War 1 Sheriff-MacGregor led a nursing unit of the British Red Cross Society into Romania in 1916 and then onwards in 1918 to Russia and Serbia with Lady Muriel Paget's unit. She was decorated for her war service, receiving a Royal Red Cross 1st Class in 1919. She was also honoured by the peoples she had helped through the war, receiving the Order of Marie Regina of Romania and the Order of St Anne of Russia. By 1935 had become Matron-in-Chief of the Nursing Division of the British Red Cross Society, succeeding the retiring Dame Sarah Swift.
Sheriff MacGregor was a member of the College from 1916 (no. 998) and joined the official staff in 1920 as Organising Secretary, developing the regional branches. She was later the first Secretary of the Student Nurses' Association until leaving to get married in 1930. Mrs MacGregor Rome continued her interest in the College as an active Council member from 1931. Her first term as President was 1933-1934. A role she fulfilled with great success. She was elected President for a second time in 1937 whilst the College prepared to host the prestigious for the International Congress of Nurses meeting. Sadly, her sudden death in June of 1938 brought her term to an unexpected close.
The Nursing Times of 11 Jun 1938 declared that MacGregor Rome, "was one of the most indefatigable workers, not only for the College, but for every project for the well-being of nurses, nursing and, more important still, the well-being of patients. She brought honour in innumerable ways to the profession of which she was a member."
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